It is out firm belief that to be successful in this sector, you have to source the right product. Not only to maintain 100% supply to our customers, but to buy at the correct price and quality throughout the year. Product availability, the ability to recognise and manage different countries of origin, and subsequent supply and quality issues can involve years of developing relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships.

All of our raw materials are procured from proven, safe sources of supply taking advantage of our central location to source from many local suppliers ensuring the freshest produce available. The remaining suppliers within our organisation have been carefully chosen based on their expertise in the field and their geographical location. All suppliers have been audited from Nottingham based Mushroom suppliers through to Onion Growers in Egypt to dedicated Onion suppliers in Poland. A more comprehensive list of products and their respective primary countries of origin can be found on our “Produce” page on this site.

Barrowcliffe’s have a team of 3 buyers working alongside the Managing Director on the daily procurement of fresh produce. In order to procure the highest quality ingredients, we employ a Food Buyer based permanently in Almeria, Spain where for 6 months of the year, Spain becomes our primary source of supply of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and courgettes. Our Spanish Buyer is based close to the main vegetable growing region and with his knowledge and location, is able to source materials during the most limited periods of availability, where other competitors would struggle to deliver.

We have an extensive base of supply and aim to cover at least two or three suppliers of each item in different geographical locations, so on a frozen day in Cornwall, we would source Lincoln cauliflower or even Spain if necessary. Having an extensive network of delivery routes through the UK allows our drivers to back load and collect extra supplies so that we are able to supply 100% of the time.


picking carrots